Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Boo by Neil Smith

Publisher: Knopf Canada
Format: eBook
Source: Requested via NetGalley
Publication Date: May 12, 2015

About the book:
Oliver Dalrymple, wakes up one morning and realizes that he's not in his home of suburban Illinois. He wakes up in some sort of heaven, a town that's inhabited by 13-year-old Americans. He believes he has died as a result of a heart defect. It's not until he runs into his classmate Johnny Henzel, that Oliver, a.k.a Boo, discovers that a terrible thing has occurred. He and Johnny were both victims of a shooting at their school. Boo and Johnny are determined to get to the bottom of their murders. As they unravel the truth, the boys begin to learn who they really were in America.


Boo surprised me (ha-ha). At first I did not think I would like it as the first few chapters were a bit up and down. But, once the Johnny Henzel's character was introduced, I was hooked. The author's idea of heaven and the premise of the book is very unique and was a huge draw for me. I was really curious how it was all going to play out. As I flicked page after page, I was drawn into the twists and turns of the story. In the first part of the book, I thought I had it figured out. But, the author then takes you through some twists, turns and a couple loopholes to make you doubt yourself. It's difficult to say much more without spoiling the book.

Overall, I really enjoyed Boo. You would think a book with this premise would be dark, but it's surprisingly uplifting and funny. Boo's character although mysterious at times is very open, honest and intelligent. It's very hard not to love his wit and charm. I would highly recommend this to any readers who are fond of coming of age stories or character driven novels.

Disclaimer: I received a digital advanced reader copy of this book from the publisher for review via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

Rating: ★★★

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