Thursday, May 21, 2015

Author Reception: Giles Blunt, James Grainger and Jeff Rubin

The lovely team at +Random House of Canada hosted an author reception for James Grainger, author of Harmless, Jeff Rubin, author of The Carbon Bubble and Giles Blunt, author of The Hesitation Cut (releasing in August).

The event was held last night at Rosewater, an elegant restaurant in Toronto, where they served delicious hors d'oeuvres and drinks from the bar. Each author was given an opportunity to speak about their book. It was really different to have a non-fiction author included in the bunch. As Jeff Rubin was speaking about The Carbon Bubble, I felt as though I was listening to an economics lecture. Jeff spoke about the financial security of Canadians and the country's economic future. This is something I don't have much knowledge in, but this presentation has definitely peaked my interest.

During Giles Blunt's introduction of The Hesitation Cut, he spoke about his trip to a monastery in New York state where he immersed himself in the monks' lifestyle. This first hand experienced helped him create his lead character, Brother William.

After each author spoke about their work, we were given an opportunity to mingle and pick up signed copies of each book. I spent a bit more time speaking with James Grainger (pictured above) about his book Harmless as it was the only book I had read prior to the event. I was intrigued to learn about James' inspiration for the novel and who his intended audience was. I'll be including these insights in my upcoming review.

Thank you to each of the authors and the Random House Canada team for a fun and entertaining evening!

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