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Blog Tour: Kill The Father by Sandrone Dazieri

Let's Take a Shelfie is the fourth stop on the Simon & Schuster Blog Tour for Sandrone Dazieri's thriller, Kill the Father.

Kill the Father
by Sandrone Dazieri
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Canada
Format: ARC from the publisher
Publishing Date: January 17, 2017

In this fascinatingly complex thriller, two people, each shattered by their past, team up to solve a series of
killings and abductions—unspeakable crimes that turn out to be merely the surface of something far 
more sinister.

When a woman is beheaded in a park outside Rome and her six-year-old son goes missing, the police 
unit assigned to the case arrests the woman’s husband and awaits his confession. But the city’s Chief of 
Major Crimes has his doubts and assigns two of Italy’s top analytical minds to the case: Deputy Captain 
Colomba Caselli, a fierce, warrior-like detective still reeling from a horrific mass killing she survived, and 
Dante Torre, a man who spent his childhood trapped inside a concrete silo. Fed through the gloved hand 
of a masked kidnapper who called himself “the Father,” Dante emerged from his ordeal with crippling 
claustrophobia but, also, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

All evidence suggests that the Father is back at work and wants a reunion with Dante. But when Colomba 
and Dante begin unraveling the truth, they find themselves wanted for murder. Now Dante and Colomba 
must travel down a number of dark tunnels, both literal and figurative, as they confront the question that 
may solve it all: what lies beneath the water in a remote Italian quarry? And what might that revelation 
mean for ten children who have recently gone missing?

An instant breakout novel in Italy, Kill the Father boasts a brilliantly layered plot that offers new and more 
haunting revelations at every turn. Not since Thomas Harris’s The Silence of the Lambs has there been as 
intriguing a pairing of hard-charging female detective and “damaged” savant, and not since Jo Nesbo has 
there been a foreign thriller talent as promising.

First book and first review of 2017 and I sure picked a doozy! 

If you were following along in the last couple months of 2016 you would have noticed a trend, I was 
listening to a ton of audiobooks and reading a bunch of memoirs. Fast forward to the first few weeks of 
January where I was happily lugging around a 500 paged book everywhere I went. The cover, or maybe 
just the title, got its share of second glances on public transit.

Where do I begin....

Kill the Father by Sandrone Dazieri is the first psychological thriller I've read in at least 3-4 months and it's 
got me hooked back into the genre. It's filled with unpredictable plot twists and clues to help 
the reader solve the crimes left in "the Father's" wake. Dazieri has built a setting that is almost too 

The lead protagonists Dante and Colomba are characters you won't soon forget. They are written with 
such precision. They are so relatable that you can't help but hold your breath for them during 
some of the more intense scenes in the book. I could feel my heart racing and body tensing up during 
some of these moments.

If you pick up Kill the Father, and I recommended that you do, you'll be in for a quite a ride and you won't 
be disappointed. I cannot wait for the second book in the Colomba Caselli series to be translated to 
English. It's either that or I'll have to learn to read Italian.

Have you read Kill the Father? I'd love to hear your thoughts about the book in the comments. if you'd 
like to learn more about what inspired Sandrone Dazieri to become a writer, check out my Q&A post with 
the author here.

You can also check out the fantastic reviews on the blogs that are a part of this tour:

Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of Kill the Father by Sandrone Dazieri from Simon & Schuster for review and participation in this blog tour. All opinions are my own.

Blog Tour and Q&A with Sandrone Dazieri

Q & A with the Author
Let's Take a Shelfie is the fourth stop on the Kill the Father Blog Tour. As part of the tour, I was given the opportunity to participate in a Q&A with the book's author, Sandrone Dazieri.

1.       What inspired you to become a writer?

In 1990, aged twenty-six years old and at the lowest point in my career, I was working for a pittance as a cook in a restaurant where the owner’s dogs defecated in the kitchen. My flat had no heating and I had the start of pneumonia. In the boredom of being bed-ridden I asked friends and neighbours to bring me things to read, leading me to collect a pile of dog-eared paperbacks.
One of the books that surfaced from that pile had the picture of a typewriter on it and the name of an author I was not very familiar with: Stephen King. It was Misery.
As is known, it is the story of the writer Paul Sheldon who, following a car accident, ends up prisoner of a nurse who is in love with his novels: his Number One Fan, as she likes to describe herself. When Annie, the name of his kidnapper, finds out that in his last novel Sheldon “kills” the heroine Misery, she forces him to destroy it and write another in which Misery lives.
I’m not going to disclose the ending, but that novel that I read on a feverish night exposed something I had within but which I could not yet give a name or shape to. I realised I too had some form of Annie inside me and that it was so terrible it had completely crushed me. I wanted to write but I was frightened of doing so because my Annie expected masterpieces and my efforts had never met those expectations. Reading Misery, I realised that I was not alone in that war of words, and a week later I quit my job. It was a long journey before I become a professional writer, but started that day.  

2.       Kill the Father is a very dark and gruesome story, how do you mentally prepare yourself to write about such topics?

Castle, the fictional writer hero of the eponymous tv series, always tells that there is two kind of folks who think about killing people on daily bases: serial killers and crime writers… More seriously, I always write of what I fear. So, I can say that it is the writing that helps me survive my nightmares, not the reverse.

3.       How does it feel to have your work translated to English and made available for a wider audience?

Well, it’s fantastic. I found a magnificent publishing house, Simon&Schuster (Scribner for USA), and a fantastic international team to help me and my job. And I hope to be invited to Canada and meet Wolverine.

If you haven't had a chance to check out my review of Kill the Father, check it out here.

Simon & Schuster will also be hosting a Twitter Chat with Sandrone on Wednesday, February 22 @ 10AM EST. If you've read the book, join in on the conversation and tell us what you loved! If you haven't read the book, follow along to see what all the hype is about. If the responses to my Q&A are any indication of Sandrone Dazieri's personality, we'll definitely be in for a entertaining conversation!

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