Monday, December 8, 2014

MiniJG & MicroJG

My son was born just over 3 months ago and I've been on mat leave ever since that wonderful day.

With this being my second child, a lot of the first time mom jitters have already passed. The one thing I did have to prepare for was how my 2.5 year old daughter a.k.a MiniJG was going to react when my son a.k.a MicroJG came along. 

I'm happy to report that so far, it's been great. We haven't yet experienced any major regressive behaviours and for the most part she's been an amazing big sister. She's helpful, when she wants to be, and helps soothe her l'il bro when he's crying (for the record, this happens mostly when MicroJG is crying during one of her shows). 

She's a very independent and strong willed two year old. This sometimes leads to some pretty intense tantrums. I'd like to think that those outbursts are a result of the so called Terrible Twos rather than the arrival of MicroJG.

Let the adventures continue...

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